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Inkscape Tutorial: Drawing a Pirate!!!!!

In this first attempt to make a tutorial for Inkscape, I explain how to draw a little pirate. The tutorial is pretty simple and I tried to make it in a comic-style. This pirate is part of a game I am developing and I think it is a good start to share my experience with Inkscape.

 Inkscape Tutorial Pirate

7 thoughts on “Inkscape Tutorial: Drawing a Pirate!!!!!

  1. I had problem with a beard, but I “made” somethink. I think my pirate looks great. Thank’s Renato. It was my first work in Inkskape.
    Greetings from Poland :)

  2. Very good, and fast…thank you for sharing
    And sorry about the cup ;0(

    Greetings from the USA
    the state of La

    1. Greetings Tom, thank you! I’m going to know USA this year!

      And no need for sorry, I’ve never wanted to see Brazil winning this cup =]

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